Kool Kidz specializes in physical therapy for the pediatric client, ages 0 through 21. We enjoy working with children of all abilities and needs. Some children’s therapy needs may be very short term as in the case of sports injuries or reluctant walkers; where some children’s therapy needs may be over a longer period of time as might be the case for a child with a significant developmental delay.

Services Include

Early Intervention; Sensory Integration; Treatment for Developmental Delays (mild to more severe) of unknown causes; Treatment for Diagnoses associated with developmental delays such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and Mylomeningeocele; Neurodevelopmental Treatment; Treatment for Orthopedic and Sports Injuries; Casting and Splinting.

Special Services Offered

Kool Kidz offers several specific therapy programs for a variety of therapeutic options beyond standard treatment.

Aquatic Therapy

  • Performed in community based pools in and around Atlanta or in your home or neighborhood pools as available
  • Especially beneficial for promoting head/trunk control, modified weight bearing, attention to task, problem solving skills, improved sensory integration skills, improved body in space awareness, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength/endurance/power, coordination and motor planning
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Ages 6 months to 21 years



  • Performed at community stables and/or barns
  • Especially beneficial for children ages 3 and older for improving head/trunk control, attention to task, problem solving, motor planning, body in space awareness, fluidity of movement and improved sensory integration skills


Therapeutic Dance

  • Performed at community dance studios and community rooms
  • Especially beneficial for promoting rhythm, self expression, coordination, balance, motor skill development and fitness, social skills,auditory processing and praxis
  • Ages 3 and up


Sports Medicine

  • Sport specific with emphasis on home programming and injury prevention
  • Pediatric emphasis in program development
  • Aquatic Rehabilitation as appropriate