Kool Kidz Kreed

I’m a Kool Kid; you’re a Kool Kid too- Black, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and blue.

God brings children, all uniquely special, to each one of you to be parent, teacher, coach or friend true and true.

Look past my color, my wheelchair, or my speech slightly slow, for children, all children, need the same things to grow.

And if by some chance, I have been given a label, please don’t assume that I am not willing or able.

I bring beautiful gifts that you’ll fail to see if you don’t look beyond what they have labeled as me.

Meet me, don’t judge me, that’s your best bet. My contributions are plenty, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

I can do many things, please just give me a chance to show my own versions of song, play, and dance.

If my way perplexes you, take time for reflection; to uncover my strengths, takes much deeper inspection.

I may be more quiet or slower to read, but fast runners and big talkers are not all the world needs.

If I need extra help, ostracize me not; I want full inclusion, not a battle to be fought.

For each of us there are things that are hard, but don’t put me in a special classroom or separate sports yard.

“Special Needs” merely define what makes any child tick; it doesn’t mean weird, crippled, stupid or sick.

Celebrate not what is different, but notice what is the same For each child wants only to be part of the game.

Life hands all God’s creatures test after test. Please help me take every challenge in stride, to give it my best.

I’m a Kool Kid; you’re a Kool Kid too. God Bless you my child, we love you for you.

This Kreed was written by Erin Wentz and is the property of Kool Kidz Inc.