The Kool Kidz Approach


The greatest goal of Kool Kidz therapists is to enable kids to be kids. Challenges like physical limitations or spending more than an average amount of time in a clinical atmosphere are, well, not fun. That’s why we downplay the medical aspect of therapy and emphasize play! We also align treatment goals with integrating kids into their communities so they don’t miss out on fun.


We focus on in-home pediatric physical and occupational therapy. Our therapists come to you so kool kidz receive treatment in their natural environment, not a clinic. Besides being in a more comfortable atmosphere, kids get practical therapy involving the surroundings they’re in the most, learning skills they’ll need every day. We build treatment plans upon the foundation of the individual child and their family.


In addition to home-based treatment, we offer non-traditional treatments like aquatic therapy since, to most kids, a pool always means fun! Therapy in water provides opportunities to develop and practice movements in a supportive environment before trying to do them on land. In addition to the many physical benefits, aquatic therapy can also improve sensory processing and socialization.


Because we work with a wide range of kids and young adults from ages 0 to 21, our kids who need ongoing therapy often stay with the same therapist for years. Our caring therapists develop deep bonds with kids and their families, getting to see them grow, overcome challenges, and meet important goals over time.

Our History

In 1998, Physical Therapist Erin Wentz’s physical therapy business began meeting a high demand from families looking for non-traditional sources of PT and OT. Her comfortable, fun, in-home approach was just what Atlanta-area families were needing. As the Wentz family got busier and busier, Kool Kidz was born!

Today, Kool Kidz employs over a dozen therapists who live all over the Atlanta Metro area. And while Erin now teaches physical therapy, molding the therapists of the future, Jeff Wentz still runs Kool Kidz, keeping it in the family.

For Our Kidz

Over time, Erin noticed her Kool Kidz families often felt isolated and kids felt left out. Not being included was a major struggle for kids with physical limitations. Her heart for seeing these children fully involved in “normal” kid life birthed a spark of creativity while she was between visits one workday. Throughout that day, she put a pen to a few napkins and wrote the Kool Kidz Kreed, an inspirational poem.