Kool Kidz, Inc. (Children’s Physical Therapy Services) formally came into existence in April 1999, although the ideas and philosophies that guide us were there long before.

Remember… no matter what race, gender or ability, all children, if given the opportunity, support & encouragement, can learn and succeed.

E.L. Anderson

Our Philosophy

Max-1At Kool Kidz, we believe that above everything else a kid is a kid and we want our intervention techniques to reflect that. We provide physical and occupational therapy for children ages 0 to 21 only in the natural environment and focus our treatment plans on what is important to each child and his or her family. We emphasize community integration for our developmental kidz. We down play the medical aspect of needing therapy and play up the PLAY in getting therapy!

The emphasis for our sports kidz is on getting back to play as soon as possible while minimizing the risk of re-injury and on home programs for overall injury prevention. The concept of the natural environment is utilized during rehabilitation for our sports kidz by having treatment sessions at home, at performance centers and on the field.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer many non- traditional treatment tools such as aquatic therapy, hippotherapy, therapeutic dance and tennis as well as sports medicine geared especially for pediatric clients.

What is the Natural Environment

The natural environment is any place where you would expect to find children, eg your home, daycare, private school, playground, community pool, sport performance center/gym or any other similar location.

By providing intervention in the natural environment, we not only avoid the stigma of being “sick” or “injured,” but also gain an opportunity to work with our kidz in an atmosphere where they feel comfortable and can be themselves. This also provides a setting where we can teach the child and his or her family how to promote optimal development or recovery.

The natural environment allows us to work within the family’s existing routines utilizing the toys or tools they already have or can easily obtain for use in the course of their child’s intervention.

What Makes Kool Kidz Different

Treating in Natural Environment

At Kool Kidz, we provide physical and occupational therapies in the natural environment. We do not want to keep your child in therapy any longer than he or she needs to be. Our goal is for your child to be able to participate in community activities with his or her peers as soon as possible or for him or her to return to full level sport or competition as soon as possible with minimal risk of re-injury. Home programming, teaching the family and the child or athlete as able to participate fully in the course of their intervention, is a part of every successful therapeutic program and we believe in empowering our families and kidz.

Outside the Comfort Zone

We believe in gently pushing our clients outside their comfort zone in order to promote growth and development.

Outside the Box

We think ‘outside the box’ and work to look at a challenge or problem from many different aspects in order to come up with a solution that is most effective and meaningful to our kidz and their families.