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We celebrate children of ALL abilities and believe that above everything else, a kid is a kid and our intervention techniques reflect that.

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Great shots of some kiddos we treat in both therapy and play.

Therapists Openings

We are always looking for dedicated therapists to join our team. If you would like to work in an awesome environment with our “family” of experienced therapists please get in touch with us.

Visit Our Therapists section for more info on current opportunities.


  • I thank you so very much for all you have done with Layke in the pool. I was really over the top with pride today. It’s a miracle that he has come this far and you are the ONLY reason that’s been possible!!!!! You are no run-of-the-mill therapist, nor is your team of P.T.’s. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    by Layke's Mom

  • All the therapists at Kool Kidz are the best! They are knowledgeable and treat each child according to their individual capabilities. They work hard to anticipate the child’s challenges, then identify and modify work accordingly.
    by Lainey's Mom

  • I cannot say enough about how thankful we are for Kool Kidz and what the therapists mean to our family. The positive attitude and acceptance towards children with disabilities makes my outlook better for the future. Thank you for your love and support – you are the best!
    by Chandler's Mom